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The Batchelors way. TLC NOT PLC

'TLC not PLC' The Batchelors way.

Why should you deal with us ?

Tender Loving Care not Public Limited Company

Our story

We have been in business since 1989 over 30 years and are proud to represent Suzuki and Mitsubishi in Ripon and York, North Yorkshire. We are a family-owned business with our company motto TLC not PLC, close to our hearts. 'TLC', or Tender Loving Car is what we are all about.

Batchelors of Ripon Limited, as we were then known, was established by David Batchelor in 1987. By 1996, the business was booming in Ripon and the decision was taken to add the Suzuki franchise, Batchelors continued to grow over the coming years, adding the Mitsubishi franchise to our Ripon operation too.

Fast forward to 2011, Tony Denton, Our Managing Director/Owner joined the business to support David in the operation of the Ripon site. Discussions quickly progressed and the opportunity presented Tony to acquire the business in July 2013 from David when he retired. David and Tony remain good friends and meet regularly for a catch up.

Since then, There has been a substantial financial investment in the Ripon facility and at the end of 2018, Batchelors Motor Group was proud to announce the addition of Suzuki and Mitsubishi to new showrooms in York.

Our customers trust us. They trust our dedicated knowledgeable team, our straight up and down approach and our great reliable cars. Sometimes we get it wrong but we always learn from this and try to make things right with you.

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