Service Plan from Batchelors in North Yorkshire

Cover your car with 4 Services, at Batchelors.

Regular servicing of your vehicle is a cost-effective way to ensure that it remains in peak condition, preventing unexpected breakdown and the expense that can be incurred as a result. Not only that, a car that delivers optimum reliability is a safe vehicle and one that is less likely to cause risk to occupants, fellow road users and even pedestrians.

How does it work?

Our Service Plan is exhaustive, flexible and affordable. You can pay UPFRONT or, get the most from your budget by paying affordable monthly instalments INTEREST-FREE!

This ensures that your vehicle gets the attention it requires whenever necessary. Furthermore, a Batchelors Service Plan is inflation-proof so there are no unexpected hikes in price during the term of the plan.

What are the key benefits?

  • 20% discount
  • INFLATION PROOF, The price is fixed today. This means, if the our prices increase, yours do not.
  • £40 MOTs when pre-paid with the plan
  • FREE Vehicle Health Check on Every Visit.
  • PRIORITY to our alternative transport options which includes collection and delivery and courtesy cars.
  • WASH and vaccum of footwells with pre-booked work.