Visiting Sales

There may be some variation to the below depending on the level of National Lockdown or Tier.

Enquiring on a vehicle

There are many different options for a customer to enquire on a vehicle advertised.

The methods of inquiring here are some examples -

  • Phone Call to either Ripon or York Branch
  • Email through our Website
  • Livechat through either our Website or Autotrader
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook

Purchasing a car

  • Batchelors no haggle price promise removing the hassle of having to negotiate and reduce time required to be in our showroom.
  • Part Exchange (See below*)
  • All customers to formalize the Purchase through Batchelors Buy Online Process
  • A £99 Reservation through the Buy Online Process will confirm the Purchase
  • Customer sends a scan/photo of Driving License

Document Pack

Once the deal is agreed and the Online Purchase has been completed an electronic document pack will be created and sent which will require signing by the customer. Each document will require an electronic signature, all of this will be sent through an online E-signature website called Docusign

This document pack will include the following –

  • Purchase Order Form
  • 7 Day Test/own Form with separate T’s and C’s
  • Demo Form accepting there has been no prior test drive to purchase and are happy not to have a familiarization drive
  • Part Exchange Declaration (If applicable)

Preparing for Collection

  • Payment must be made and be clear in our Bank Account before the collection day is agreed
  • Payment can be made via Bank Transfer (for Finance see below**)

Now that Payment has been completed a collection day can be agreed

  • Collection is a minimum of 72 Hours after Payment to ensure that the car is left in the collection bay for this length of time.
  • Keys for the car are sanitized and placed in a clear plastic bag.

Collection Day

  • Customer calls on arrival at Batchelors
  • Sales Executive confirms key location including the pin code for the locked key box
  • Customer collects keys for their new car and the Handover is complete
  • The Date and Time is signed when the customer gets the keys so that the 7 Day Test/Own can be activated
  • The customer will then get a copy certificate for the activated 7 Day Test/Own
  • For Part Exchange process see below*

Part Exchange*

Batchelors Motor Group will accept Part Exchanges if they meet our Covid-19 Requirements

Batchelors requires all details for Part exchanges and cannot complete a valuation for a vehicle without all of the following

  • Registration
  • Mileage
  • Service History (Sent as a Picture/Scan)
  • Condition reported (Any Scuffs, Dents, Scratches, Chips to any paintwork and Glass)
  • Picture of Dashboard with Engine Running to ensure any warning lights are disclosed
  • Picture of Front, Back and Both Sides to give an overview of condition
  • A scan/Photo of the V5 Logbook
  • Scan/Photo of Finance Settlement if applicable
  • On collection of the new car the Customer must park their part exchange in one of our signed quarantined Bays and leave documents on the passenger seat.
  • The Keys must be then placed in the deposit box in the entrance hall
  • Once our Sales Executive has taken the keys from the box they will give the code for the key box to where the keys for the new car are located


  • Batchelors Motor Group is still offering Car finance via a distance E-Sign option.
  • Our Providers for this are Suzuki Finance, Shogun Finance and Northridge.
  • Finance must be signed and paid out before a Handover day is decided.

Home Delivery

If you have opted for Home Delivery the procedures are broadly the same. Your Customer Advisor will guide you through the process.