To protect you, other customers and our staff please do not visit us if you or any members of you household have been advised to self-isolate or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19

Updated - 16/07/2021

Stage 4 Roadmap Announcement by Tony Denton

On the 19th July the law surrounding social distancing changes significantly. Moving from law to best practice guidance. Here at Batchelors we respect the government’s decision but firmly believe that a slow and cautious approach to normality is more justified. Our main priority remains the same; to keep our team and customers safe, which is why we’ve decided to keep key protection measures in place. For us, just a date on the calendar is not a reason to stop the good practices that have helped to keep our loved ones and community safe.

We have mandated to our team that they must wear a face mask in the following circumstances.

  • Out of common decency, if you are wearing a face covering we will do the same.
  • On test drive, fault finding drive or customer drop off we will wear a face covering and respectively ask you to wear one too.

We actively encourage the use of face coverings and for many people this habit will not be immediately altered. Please do not feel uncomfortable wearing one in our business. We thank you whole heartedly for your kind consideration.

There are hands sanitisation stations, masks and gloves at all of our showroom entrances. Our customer advisors have screens at their work stations along with a good supply of hand gel, masks and gloves.

If there is anything that makes you particularly worried or nervous about visiting us please contact us and we’ll aim to put your mind at ease.

We look forward to welcoming you at our showrooms soon.

Stay Safe.

Kind regards

Tony Denton

Managing Director & Owner

Social Distancing at Batchelors

Social Distancing

We have social distancing measures and one way systems in place in our showrooms. We have also implemented directional signage and banners in place to remind everyone to follow our procedures to keep everyone safe.

Digital Appointments

Contact us anytime. Whilst our showrooms are closed, we appriciate getting hold us may not be as easy as normal. Rest assured, our teams are only at the end of the phone. Alternatively, Contact us via Livechat, telephone, whatsapp.

Santitisation Station

PPE and Hand Sanitisation Stations

We have installed automatic hand sanitisation stations in all entrances to our showrooms. All staff have been provided with PPE and all desks also have protective screens installed too. We are asking all customers to bring a face covering when visiting our showrooms. Don't worry though, if you forget yours we do have plenty available to keep you going.


Electronic Paperwork and Contactless Handover

To speed up our processes and also ensuring that we remain COVID secure all car sale related documentation will be signed electronically. This is is also safer for data transfer too. On top of this all of our handovers are contactless ensuring you can get out on the road as quickly as possible.

Find out more about our COVID safe procedures

To make your visit as comfortable as possible we have spent time refining our procedures and altering them accordingly to the situation we find ourselves in.

How can Batchelors help even more?

Batchelors 7 Day Test/Own

Have you ever worried about buying a car, getting it home and not liking it as much as you hoped? Well, there is no need to worry anymore! At Batchelors, we understand buying a used car is daunting... never mind buying it online, having never driven the car before. That is why we invented the Batchelors Test/Own. The ultimate test drive. It allows you to try owning the car, fitting the car into your lifestyle. If you don't like it we will give you your money back. Can you say fairer than that?

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mitsubishi truck

Batchelors Home Delivery Service

When you purchase your vehicle, just ask your Sales Executive about having it delivered to your home. They’ll be able to give you an idea of availability, and how quickly we can complete the delivery.

We’ve invested in a new state of the art single car transporter and trailer too, so we won’t even add any miles to the vehicle you’ve purchased, and we’ll make sure it’s fully sanitised and cleaned before it starts the journey to your home.

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