Batchelor Outlet

High quality second hand cars, which don't fall within our main approved program. Below is a few frequently asked questions about our Outlet selection.

What defines an Outlet Car?

Any Make or Model over the age of 7 Years or 60,000 Miles

What Warranty do we supply?

All Outlet cars will be supplied with a 6 Months Warranty including Roadside Assistance

What about MOT’s?

Every Outlet car will be get a new MOT when going through Mechanical preparation.

Cambelt Replacement?

A Cambelt will be replaced on an Outlet car if due within 3 Months of the sale date.

What is the rule with Servicing?

A Oil and Filter Service will be completed if due within 3 Months of the sale date

Do we sell Service Plans?

Service plans are available through the usual process like any other used car