Nissan roadside assistance



UK number

0330 123 1231

Elsewhere in Europe number

+44 191 335 2879


In the event of a breakdown or an accident, Nissan Assistance is always there to help with our 24/7 support service. Every brand new Nissan comes with pan-European RAC Roadside Assistance for the duration of your manufacturer warranty to help get you back on the road.

Our Roadside Assistance keeps you on the road with minimum fuss, covering eventualities such as a flat battery or engine failure.

In addition, you'll also benefit from 12 months additional cover every time your vehicle is serviced within the Nissan network.


Your Nissan will be covered regardless of who is driving, as long as they have your permission to use the vehicle and an appropriate driving licence.

Your vehicle cover includes:

Almost 80% of all motoring problems can be resolved at the roadside by our assistance patrol.

If the problem can't be solved at the roadside, or if your vehicle is immobilised in an accident, it would be recovered and towed to your nearest home* dealer (if within 62 miles) or the nearest Nissan dealer for repair.

Please be advised that some services provided in Europe differ from those in the United Kingdom.


If your vehicle breaks down, either as a result of mechanical or self-induced breakdown or accident, and cannot be fixed at the roadside or within 4 hours at the dealer, Nissan European Roadside Assistance also includes these additional services for problems covered by the Nissan warranty:

A replacement vehicle can be provided for a maximum of three working days or until your repair is completed, whichever is sooner.

If the breakdown occurred more than 62 miles from home we can offer you B&B accommodation in a three star hotel (or equivalent) for 3 nights if required whilst your vehicle is being repaired.

You and your passengers could choose to continue your journey via public transport, with the following options (a) Taxi up to 62 miles (b) Train or Ship, 1st class (c) Plane (economy class) if train journey is longer than 8 hours. The driver would also be covered for the journey to return and collect the vehicle.

If the breakdown occurred aboard or more than 310 miles from home in the same country and if your vehicle cannot be repaired within 3 working days after arriving at the Nissan dealership, Nissan Assistance will repatriate the vehicle, driver, passengers and luggage to your home dealer*

Every time you have your vehicle serviced at a Nissan dealership your annual RAC cover is renewed for another year. To purchase your new policy separately, visit the RAC website here:

Terms and conditions

*Home dealer refers to the dealership where you purchased your vehicle and/or have your vehicle serviced.

**A working day is defined as Monday – Friday inclusive, excluding bank holidays.

A free of charge fuel drain service is not available under this policy and is chargeable by the Dealer or recovery provider.

UK and European services are provided by RAC Motoring services, Registered No. 1424399 (Registered office: RAC House, Brockhurst Crescent, Walsall WS5 4AW). Terms and conditions apply. Please note, the additional services outlined on this page are available in the event of a 'warranty' immobilisation or breakdown, self-induced incidents or accidents.

Terms and conditions

1. NISSAN ASSISTANCE NISSAN ASSISTANCE is provided by a Nissan Europe partner and is available in the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France*, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City. * excluding: French overseas territories If the breakdown occurs in an enclave or on an island belonging to one of the countries listed above you are eligible for Basic Service only. In case Repair on the spot is not possible, the vehicle is towed to the local Nissan dealer or to a local workshop if no Nissan dealer is located there. 1.1 BASIC SERVICE If your vehicle becomes immobilized due to a warrantable incident, non-warrantable incident or accident, you can call the telephone number printed on the Warranty Certificate. The first objective is to identify the possibility to solve the problem through telephone instructions. If Phone Fix is not possible you are entitled to one of the two following Basic Services: 1. Repair on the spot 2. Towing to the NISSAN dealer The first objective is to repair your vehicle on the spot, if that is not possible your vehicle will be towed to a Nissan dealer (LCV dealer for Truck, NHPC for GT-R). You can choose the dealer if that dealer is located within 50 km of the place of the breakdown. If that distance is more than 50 km your vehicle is towed to the nearest dealer. 1.2 ADDITIONAL SERVICE If your vehicle is towed to a NISSAN dealer and cannot be repaired the same day, you are entitled to one of the four following Additional Services*. * limitation for Germany only: in case of an accident there is no entitlement to Additional Services. 1. Journey continuation: To start or continue the journey or to return home for driver and passengers and returning to the dealer to retrieve the repaired vehicle for the driver (or a person selected by the driver). - train / ship (1st class) - taxi up to 50 km - plane, if train > 8 hours (economy class) - public transport Combinations of the above are possible. The cost of local transport between the dealer where the vehicle can be repaired and the station, airport, hotel, Rental Company is covered. 2. Replacement vehicle: Until the vehicle is repaired with a maximum of three working days with unlimited mileage. Fuel and toll charges are at the user’s expense. In case of Rental vehicle a deposit may be required. The replacement vehicle will be, if possible, the same segment as the breakdown vehicle (for GT-R segment E). Drivers of a Nissan Truck (Atleon, NT500, Cabstar, Interstar, NV400), taxis, driving school vehicles and other special vehicles are eligible for a segment B replacement vehicle. A replacement vehicle may not be used for commercial activities (such as business continuation). 3. Accommodation: If the breakdown occurred > 100km from home and if you would like to wait for repair of the vehicle. Until the vehicle is repaired with a maximum of three working days in a 3 star hotel including breakfast (for GT-R 4 star) for driver and passengers. 4. Repatriation: If following a breakdown abroad the vehicle cannot be repaired within 3 working days after it arrived at the Nissan dealer, repatriation of the vehicle / driver / passengers / luggage can be arranged if necessary. In that case the repatriation should be arranged within 4 working days after the vehicle arrived at the Nissan dealer. If it cannot be foreseen within one day that a vehicle cannot be repaired within 3 working days Repatriation can be combined with one of the three services mentioned above if necessary. 1.3 LOYALTY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE For countries operating a Loyalty Roadside Assistance programme, you will be given 12 months NISSAN ASSISTANCE if you have your vehicle serviced at a Nissan dealer. Therefore you will continue to benefit from the same cover as described in the Chapters above. For more information please contact your nearest Nissan dealer. 1.4 LIMITATIONS: NISSAN ASSISTANCE will not cover: - incidents that occur off-road - incidents caused by force majeure - incidents that occur during participation in competitions, rallies and races - cargo damages, physical injuries or loss of income as a result of an immobilization - incidents caused by intentional action or extreme lack of care from the driver or passengers - costs the customer would normally have when travelling, like fuel, insurances, tolls, parking fees and meals. (Nissan dealer = Authorized Nissan dealer or Approved Nissan repairer)

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